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The Clifton Family working with LLS Dentistry

The Clifton Family

It felt like we were visiting with family.

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The Handler Family working with LLS Dentistry

The Handler Family

"It made such a big difference to her, and little things like that are what keeps us recommending Laxer, Long & Savage. The personalized care, the attention to detail, the attention to what matters to each patient."

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The Rodriguez Family working with LLS Dentistry

The Rodriguez Family

It's so amazing how the staff and Dr. Long took care of him.

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The DeBurgomaster Family working with Laxer, Long, and Savage Dentistry Group

DeBurgomaster Family

Izzie is so touched by Dr. Laxer that when they did career day in kindergarten.

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The Bellavia Family

The Bellavia family

It was my first experience with a pediatric dentist and I was very relieved by how easy it was for her.

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LLS working with the Nair Family

The Nair Family

Dr. laxer has worked with us very beautifully, very courteous, very professional.

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The Rogers Family

"We've been patients for nine years, and I continue to drive an hour to come see the physicians here because it's a happy place. You're excited to come; the children are excited to come."

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