Arthodontics - the synthesis of art and orthodontics

At Laxer, Long & Savage, we believe that orthodontic treatment is far more than braces on teeth, space age wires, and "other things".

We look at each child as a person in whom we have an opportunity to mold, sculpt, not just in terms of treatment, but as a person in transition from childhood to young adulthood. With each adult, we have an opportunity to create the appearance they want to present and be proud of.

Long term use of braces with before and after results from orthodontics

We begin by visualizing the face and the smile. We recognize the beauty in each patient, and develop our goals for treatment by maintaining the positive attributes and enhancing the negative ones in a way that will produce the most esthetic smile in an artistically and naturally balance face.

The very best dentists are artists - not simply technicians

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