The Natural Choice

The doctors at Laxer, Long & Savage have always been dedicated to providing the most advanced dental care available to their patients. That includes offering the most natural treatment options whenever possible.

Our DentistsDr. Sonny Long, instrumental in bringing natural dental care to Laxer, Long & Savage, strongly believes that evidence-based natural dentistry can provide optimal results for everything from trauma care, to orthodontic space closure to aesthetic treatments.

So, when Dr. Long’s young patient, Victoria, needed a procedure to replace a tooth lost to trauma, he believed the best treatment for her would involve a natural dental procedure called autotransplantation. The procedure uses a tooth from the back of the mouth to create a natural, new front tooth that would grow with Victoria and, like the rest of her teeth, last a lifetime.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a dental surgeon in the region who performed this advanced procedure. Dr. Long, didn’t see this as a problem though, but as an opportunity. As a member of the faculty at the UNC School of Dentistry, he believed he could get Victoria her procedure, while also making the procedure available for others in the future.

Using his own resources, Dr. Long flew in Dr. Pawel Plakwicz, a specialist in autotransplantation

Our Dentists with Patientsfrom Poland to Chapel Hill, to lead UNC doctors in the surgery. Together, the doctors were able to successfully replace Victoria’s tooth, along with that of Maria, who also needed the procedure.

Not only did Victoria and Maria get their smiles back, but the doctors at UNC gained access to a new technique to help bring smiles to children all over the region.

Watch the video of Victoria’s procedure here.

Not only did Victoria get her smile back, but the doctors at UNC gained access to a new technique to help bring smiles to kids all over the region.

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